Industrial Packages


SR&I understands your business is unique, and that not all services fit all businesses, which is why we specialize in tailoring packages to best meet your organization’s needs and providing the best value. Our clients are never subjected to paying for services they don’t need or want.

Industry Specific Packages:

SR&I is experienced with the many specific regulations and requirements of various industries. Many of these industries are governed by state and/or federal laws requiring pre-employment Background screening.

Many industries require more emphases within a specific area of the Background screening. For example the Information Technology (IT) professional industry has recently come under attack for its growing number of applicants providing misleading credentials and Certifications.

Our investigators are experienced in the specific requirements of these various industries, knowing the precise compliance requirements for:

  • Health and Medical Caregivers
  • Education
  • IT Professionals
  • Financial Executives
  • Transportation Industry
  • Child Care Providers

Can your company afford the risk?

Industry statistics report an estimated average cost to replace a mid-level employee ranges between $7,000.00 - $10,000.00. With no start-up fees, no monthly minimums, no lengthy binding contracts and no hidden costs, we’ve made pre-employment screening not only affordable, but when considering the many benefits, it’s a fraction of the cost of not doing so.